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What is Crowd Recruitment with atsearch?

Over 100 experienced IT recruiters from atsearch’s executive network ready to work for your project. Employer has one point of contact. Atsearch project manager is responsible for full cycle of recruitment process. 

Crowdsourced recruitment is an innovative method of sourcing candidates through executive network of professional headhunters 

At the moment atsearch’s executive network is over 100 experienced recruiting professionals located in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Europe. This approach gives unique combination of broad and at the same time deep expertize and knowledge of IT market candidates in our locations. On top of that we always will have a professional headhunter available and motivated for your project. Which at the end means faster and better quality results for our customers. Important that atsearch project manager is in responsible for the end-to-end service for clients from research to the candidates quality control being the single point of contact for all parties involved in the recruitment process. 

Wide team of professional T headhunters
Powerful network enables result in 3 days
Broad coverage and deep expertize in any location
End-to-end service at the best market value


All recruiters have successful track record with well—known IT companies or agencies

To join each recruiter is carefully selected and interviewed for experience, professionalism and performance. Only professional headhunters with proven track record can become part of the atsearch team. During every day work we constantly monitor the performance of each recruiter against KPIs as well as quality of presented candidates.

Only recruiters who have quality candidates will work on your project. 


It is fast and easy to start working with atsearch crowd recruitment

First, you sign the frame agreement. Our team will make sure you receive an offer fitting best to your business needs. Second, atsearch project manager will receive and order from you and will organize smart recruitment process. Then you would only need to interview the presented candidates within your company, provide us the feedback and hire the matching one. You will pay as soon as the successful candidate starts working with your company.

Contract Recruitment Interview Hire Payment

Atsearch project manager is responsible for full cycle of recruitment process

Atsearch project manager is responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process being the single point of contact for any clients' request. Depending on the specifics of particular vacancy atsearch project manager organizes smart search to maximize the efficiency of the recruitment process. This unique approach enables us to provide first candidates within 3-5 days.

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